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The Next Gen AMM

featuring instant volatile and stable swaps with ultra‐low slippage, near-zero fees and the full security of Ethereum.

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#SithWars on #StarkNet

Sith­Swap is a next‐gen AMM on Stark­Net feat­uring instant vola­tile and stable swaps with ultra‐low slip­page, near-zero fees and the full secur­ity of Ethereum.

Sith­Swap native­ly sup­ports pool gau­ges, bribes and $SITH rewards that can be locked in ex­change for vot­ing power to gov­ern fu­ture protocol emis­sions.

  • Core Features

    Uniswap V2-like stable and volatile pairs with configurable trading fees. Native support for swaps of closely correlated assets via a new stableswap curve.
    No admin or other composite fees for traders. Built-in flash-loans-proof, 30-minute-window TWAP-oracles.

  • Rewards

    Protocol emissions incentivize fee-generation instead of liquidity. LPs share weekly SITH rewards, decided dynamically via a game-theoretic ve(3,3) mechanism. veSITH lockers accumulate all trading fees plus bribes for all eligible pools they vote for. Voting escrow natively supports voting power delegation.

  • Integration

    Immutable, governance-minimized and self-sustaining contract design. Permissionless access to pair creation. Permissionless attachment of gauges and bribes factories, with some healthy restrictions.



The core team formed around the product idea, early development efforts got underway and so did our early public relations strategy, soon after, we received a development grant from StarkWare. Community grew quickly from there and several prominent web3 investors reached out, some of whom would become our own.


Development efforts intensified at the same time as our Seed Round proceeded to closure, raising 2.65M$ and allowing us to start expanding our Cairo team as our hiring approach had been overhauled. With the development roadmap fully fleshed out now, the implementation of the AMM codebase got underway and off to a very swift start.


A full Cairo audit was booked with Nethermind, covering the entirety of our Cairo AMM codebase, while the implementation continued unabated up until the code freeze deadline. In parallel, preparations for a testnet intensified and eventually culminated in the AMM testnet being released shortly after the audit. With the release of Cairo 1.0, the AMM codebase was deployed to mainnet, and with it the first of two protocol phases was successfully completeted.


Our Public Sale took place, while all development efforts were re-routed towards the 2nd protocol phase: the Rewards rollout. Delivering the "rewards" layer of the protocol was arguably the biggest technical challenge yet, with the result being it breathing fresh life in the AMM by overhauling its incentives forever. Our ve-tokenomics came alive, and the game-theory within our protocol began working as intended.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a WL / OG role?


When testnet?

The AMM testnet will be released in close proximity with the start of the AMM codebase auditing process.

When public sale?

The preannounced Public Sale could be held after the AMM testnet rollout, and as soon as WETH and DAI liquidity conditions on Starknet allow for it to take place.

When token?

The SITH token will only come out after the full rollout of the protocol, more specifically during the Rewards phase deployment. Realistically, no earlier than Q4.

Can I become Ambassador?

Maybe. Inquire with the Discord team.