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Sith­Swap is the next gen AMM on StarkNet fea­tur­ing in­stant volatile and sta­ble swaps with ul­tra low slip­page, near-ze­ro fees and the full se­cu­ri­ty of Ethereum. SithSwap has been built as an efficient and versatile liquidity exchange protocol, allowing builders and users to leverage a highly composable architecture offering deep, sustainable and adaptable liquidity. Sith­Swap sup­ports a rich incentives system comprised of escrows, staking pools, gauges, bribes and native $SITH emissions that can be escrowed to unlock exclusive benefits like the ability to govern key protocol parameters, including future emissions rewards.

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Some of the world's lead­ing Cairo and Solidity ex­perts

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Some of the world's lead­ing cryp­to in­vestors and builders



SithSwap offers StarkNet protocols the liquidity infrastructure to launch, bootstrap and grow in a decentralized & sustainable way.


  1. Q1 23

    AMM launch on post-regenesis StarkNet mainnet. Smart contracts codebase upgrade to Cairo 1.x.

  2. Q2 23

    Rewards and incentives system Starknet testnet launch. Migration of existing liquidity on previous AMM deployment to final AMM deployment (Cairo 1.x)

  3. Q3 23

    Public Sale mainnet launch pending liquidity and market conditions on StarkNet.

  4. Q4 23

    Rewards and incentives system StarkNet mainnet launch. Beginning of the Rewards system decentralization process.


When launch?
The SithSwap protocol roll-out is split into its two logical phases: 1 (AMM) and 2 (Rewards). Phase 1 culminates with the launch of the SithSwap AMM on Starknet mainnet, whereas Phase 2 with the launch of the Rewards and incentives system. Refer to our roadmap and the launch schedule for more details.
When to­ken?
The SITH token will be available soon after the Public Sale is over, and no earlier than Q3 23.
When pub­lic sale?
The Public Sale is expected to be held in the 2nd half of 2023, pending adequate liquidity and market conditions on StarkNet. Refer to our docs for more details.
Is there a WL / OG role?
Can I be­come Am­bas­sador?
Maybe you can! In­quire with our Dis­cord team.
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